Smited in my smugness

We had a great weekend! Friday night I made a grand feast at my house. Kevin, Syliva, Victoria and Ken came over for dinner. In return Victoria and Ken gave me a pumpkin and  a flower.

Saturday the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was having a military appreciation day. We got a huge discount! The highlight of the zoo was the Sky Ride and the carosel. The Sky Ride is a ski lift to the top of the mountain. Yeah I wasn’t kidding about the mountain part. Honestly it’s the most picturesque zoo I’ve ever been to.

Our day @ the zoo

Sunday I graciously let my children watch the Sword in the Stone while I took a snooze. When I came downstairs my sweet little kids were coloring at the table. Ohhhh…they are so precious.

Monday morning I walked the kids to school. I was feeling quite smug and superior. I had an excellent weekend with my very well behaved children. I had even managed to nap with no major disasters. Life was good. I was so blessed to have such amazingly perfect children.

I walked home. I started to clean. I found this…..

And this

And this underneath the table…

Happily I wasn’t born yesterday. I only keep Washable Markers where my children can reach them. All of the marker came off easily. Also lucky for my little stinkers I have all day to cool my jets before they come home from school.

I needed this little reminder that I am not a perfect parent. My kids do misbehave now and again. It’s a good thing that I was humbled. My smug walk and my big head looked ridiculous anyway.

Fantastic weekend otherwise. =)