Posing Flipbook

The last photo shoot I did my client stated numerous times that she wanted lots of different creative poses. So I went on to her Pinterest page and printed out lots of different family portraits that she had pinned. I also printed some from my own personal page. I stapled all the pictures together and called it my ‘Posing Flipbook’.  Very big hit with my client. She loved looking through the book and choosing poses. Plus it always nice when you can show your client in a picture how you want them to stand, sit, smile etc. Because we are all visual learners right? Right.

This has the added benefit of one less thing you have to focus on. Instead you can focus on freaking out about camera settings, light, and locations. Just me? Oh goodie!

Cute poses for your viewing pleasure below!


Tell me your favorite poses and where you get your ideas.

Of Zombies and Hairdos




Here comes the Smolder (After)

Dude and Princess are so snazzy with their new Spring Break haircuts. They would be the perfect hair models. Look at their posing skillz! That is some self taught awesomeness right there!!

Zombies are we!

Grandma W. also showed off her legendary sewing skillz and made Zombie Felties. What do you mean you’ve never heard of Zombie Felties!? Didn’t you know my kids want to grow up to be the Walking Dead one day? Well now you know.