One is Fun

Jace is a officially a ONE YEAR OLD. She is full of mischief and smiles.

She took her first tentative steps last night!! She first walked to Cora because she loves to pull Cora’s hair. (There’s a reason I have very short hair now people and her name rhymes with face.) Then she walked to Daddy!

Her favorite activities include emptying cupboards, toy boxes, underwear drawers and trash cans.

Putting anything not designed to go in your mouth, you guessed it, in her mouth.

Pooping in the bath tub. That warm water is just so relaxing, no?

New words are fun to say over and over and over. Her favorite word is Dada followed closely by uh-oh, hot, and hi. Although blowing raspberries and clicking the tongue are still heavy players. Especially during church.

She loves to play with her big brother and sister. They have been very big helpers to Mom so she can accomplish making dinner.

Food is wonderful except for banana’s and peaches. Anything stuck to the floor from yesterday’s meal is exceptionally delicious.

And I’m sure you’ve all heard of her loathing for her carseat.

Happy Birthday to my Darling Duchess! This year has been lovely and harrowing with you and I can’t wait for many more to come.



Love her DIMPLE!

Love her DIMPLE!

Dude’s Baptism

Pictures I think will best show the work we all put into Dude’s baptism. Most of the idea’s were mine with some input from my very talented cousin Jenn. She is the Jeff to my Mutt. =)

Hand made ‘Choose the Right’ magnets

I used iridescent pebbles from Hobby Lobby. I got the CTR shields online for free. The pebbles are about 3/4 of an inch. But I had to print the shields smaller because the glass magnifies the shields. I modge podged  the shields onto the flat side of the pebbles. I let them dry for about 30 minutes. Then I hot glued 3/4 inch round magnets (again Hobby Lobby) onto the back. My sister Britt and I made 50 of them. And every single one was gone by the end of the baptism.

close up

Dude and Grandpa

Cupcakes picks and cupcakes by Jenn Wheeler. She’s terrific!

Nummy food!

My super family

Yes I did coordinate our outfits.

Until next year when we baptize the Princess. Expect excessive amounts of pink and frou-frou!

Many sisters, many talents

I have four many sisters.  All of them are brilliant and talented in their own ways. My sister Britt is the jewelry phenom. I’ve broken the same bracelet two times and she has always made it All Better.

Like the rest of the universe I have been sucked into that wondrous vortex called Pinterest. I came across this tutorial and I knew I wanted to make these for an upcoming family gathering. But I needed supervision. I had never attempted jewelry making before. So I begged Britt for her expertise. She said,  “BRING ON THE BEADS!”






All together now

May I also note that my new fancy dancy camera is divinely talented in my super clueless hands? Let the record so note that TK is clueless. =)

And please friends if you are not part of the holy mecca that is Pinterest, please message me. I will invite and induct into it’s vast wonders.

The Cutest Recipe

1 computer blaring ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’

1 Prelit Christmas tree ready for ornaments

2 cute kids (in pajama’s) shaking their miniscule booties and decorating the Christmas tree

Viola! Your components are perfectly aligned to have the cutest family moment over your Thanksgiving weekend.

Dude & Princess Christmas 2011

Joyful Christmas

The reality of a deployment

If your a military brat or spouse then you KNOW that everything I’m about to tell you is 100% true. It can be verified by asking anyone in the military. Sure the details might vary on a case by case basis. But for the most part we military families know these facts to be true.

The very moment your spouse steps foot onto foreign soil something in your household will break. Don’t believe me? Let me catalog the things that have broken in the last 7 months. The battery had to be replaced in the car, the printer died, the Wireless Router kicked it, the rice cooker met it’s maker, and the vacuum caught fire. And let us not forget the Valentines Cell Phone Debacle of 2011.

You’ll spend at least half of your spouse’s deployment waiting in line at the Post Office. You can fill out a customs form in your sleep and you know exactly how much junk important stuff you can fit into a flat rate box.

Paying the bills, child rearing, filing taxes, car maintenance, cleaning the house, and the never ending cycle of laundry are your sole responsibility. LUCKY! You don’t get a break or a time out. And if the children are sick, there is no back up. You are the LONE RANGER. Except you don’t get a fast horse named Silver or a spiffy mask.

Sometimes you have to make decisions without your spouse’s input. Especially since the Army Man is sleeping when we are awake. Occasionally the nature of a situation just doesn’t give you time to wait for a consult with your spouse. You learn to make hard and fast decisions and then abide by the consequences of said decisions.

While the home life of a military family isn’t a cake walk I certainly wouldn’t want to trade places with the Army Man. He bears the brunt of the hardships while I just try to keep the home fires burning.

And not to fear there are some perks. The power of the remote control is mine and mine alone. (Insert wicked laugh here) No one leaves their dirty clothes right next to the hamper instead placing them directly inside the hamper. *cough. ARMY MAN. cough* Ahem. Sorry I must have something stuck in my throat. =) I am the lucky recipient of all the kisses and hugs from my kiddos. I get to see them grow and learn. I don’t have to hear about it second hand and see them grow in pictures and videos.

Besides all the work, the many appliances failing, the fact that the Army Man is on the other side of the universe…yeah it’s not all that bad.

*Did you catch that subtle sarcasm?*


My best conversations with my kids happens one on one. They express their thoughts and views of the world to me more freely when it’s just us conversing. Here are a few of the more funny and interesting conversations we’ve shared in 2010.

Dude: Only four more months.

Me: Until what?

Dude: Until I move to China.

Me: Why do you want to move to China?

Dude: Cause China is cool.

Me: Princess you are so cute and so sweet. I just don’t deserve you.

Princess: So you will never ever boss me again?

Me: Uhhhh….that would be a negative.

Dude: I know what a Sphinx is. It has the head of a man and a body of a lion. They live in Egypt.

Me: Wow! That’s right.

Dude: Camels live in Egypt too. Camels spit. (Dude laughs like a boy who has just discovered that spitting is cool)

Princess: Mom I had a dream about personal space at school.

Me: Smile and open my mouth to respond….

Princess: It wasn’t a funny dream Mom.

* I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend with my children, my family and friends. But I can’t help but be ecstatic that we have reached the end of 2010. This year has been full of trials and triumphs. (Mostly tough trials) I’m wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a brighter New Year.  *

Cannon Beach, Oregon