Freely Give

My church is doing a campaign called Light the World. Every day we perform an act of service as a family. We do this to remind ourselves that Christmas isn’t about getting. It’s about sharing the love of Christ with everyone we come into contact with.  To find out how you can participate please go to

Today I’m giving away a free graphic I made in Photoshop. I hope it helps you remember to share your time and your talents with others, especially during this Christmas season. Upload them to your social media account or print them out and stick them to your fridge. Today is always the right day to serve your fellow man. 



The Tale of Two Elves

On December 1st our sneaky Elf makes his debut. I promised my children that they would see our Elf the next day. But the joke seems to be on us, the parents. That Elf is MIA. He’s not in any of the Christmas boxes. Or Easter or Halloween or even Independence Day. So we thought up a lie and we thought it up quick.


I’m positive we get bonus points for using the word ‘naked.’ It makes my young children giggle every time. Meanwhile my loving husband ran to Barnes and Noble to acquire a new Elf.

But of course we forgot to place the Elf before the kids woke up for school. We’re not winning any prize parents of the year award here. Princess ran into me in the hallway with a suspicious lump under my shirt. She said, “I’m looking for the Elf.” I said, “Quick go put on your shoes and I’ll help you find him.” I stashed the Elf in the first semi hidden spot I could find. Two seconds later the Dude comes out of the bedroom to look for our Elf.

20131203_081007 (Bruce the cat checking out our new Elf)
Dude laughed hard and said, “That sneaky Elf is under the tree!”

20131203_222431 Tonight the Elf will defy gravity. He’ll hang upside down and drink Maple Syrup. Because that’s what Elf’s like.

I’m so grateful my kids still believe in Santa and in our Elf. I’m sad that next year they’ll probably be too old to believe. But for now I’m enjoying seeing their faces light up when the Elf magically moves to a different spot in our house every night.

The Cutest Recipe

1 computer blaring ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’

1 Prelit Christmas tree ready for ornaments

2 cute kids (in pajama’s) shaking their miniscule booties and decorating the Christmas tree

Viola! Your components are perfectly aligned to have the cutest family moment over your Thanksgiving weekend.

Dude & Princess Christmas 2011

Joyful Christmas

All the way from Afghanistan

At 6:30 pm last night I herded Princess and Dude out to the car. They said, Where are we going? I told them it was a surprise. Princess said I hope we go to a Christmas party with Frosty. Dude said, I’m excited Mom!

When we got to the airport I asked, Where are we? Dude said, WE’RE AT THE AIRPORT!!

Lucky for me they still didn’t know “who” we were picking up.

And then……….

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

On the way to the car I said, “Did we trick you? Did we tell you Daddy wasn’t coming home until July?” The kids agreed and said it was a good surprise.

The next 15 days will probably fly by all too quickly. I’m looking forward to enjoying our time together as a family and dreading that we only have this brief window of time.

Surprise number two…the kids don’t know we are celebrating Christmas early with the Army Man. I can’t wait to hear the shrieks when we tell them Santa made a special early visit just for our family.