A news mish mash

*Five months pregnant plus the stomach flu equals wretched misery. So grateful that my little family is done with that VILE illness. I used all the laundry soap in the house doing endless loads of befouled laundry. Despite our detour into sickville I’ve still managed to gain way too much weight. And my face looks like I’m experiencing an outbreak of puberty. Pregnancy has it’s downsides people.


We needed this mask during the flu

*Dude missed a school field trip to a Pumpkin Farm while he was sick. I promised we would take him and Princess to the Pumpkin Farm.

*The minivan is technologically advanced. Maybe too advanced for me. The kids think the back up camera is the coolest thing ever.

*I love Autumn. I love the colors, the smell, pumpkins and the excuse to make lots of soup! It shall always be my favorite season. I wish it lasted longer.


Our family pictures are being taken next weekend in scenic Castlewood Canyon. My Dad took our engagement pictures there almost 11 years ago. I’ve wanted our pictures taken there again for years. I’m excited that this will be year! Now I must dash off to scrub every last zit off my face before pictures. Wish me luck in my futile exercise.

One thought on “A news mish mash

  1. Pregnancy is really never pretty….Until you hold that sweet baby, then it all becomes worth it. I am a summer girl, but fall is such a welcome relief. I turned the heater on for the first time this morning to take the chill out of the air. Now, I think it is time for some cocoa.

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