Minivans and Mormons

We bought a minivan. It’s Salsa Red. Which is probably a fancy new term for maroon. My kids are over the moon about the minivan. They think the power sliding doors are the best. I love it and I’m personally grateful to my husband for buying it for me. He’s a good egg.

Big Red

I suppose this means we are fully fledged Mormons now. We got the minivan and the Sam’s Club Membership. We are the official stereotype. If only I made disgusting jello salad. That would really put us over the top.

And in case you were curious. We are having a GIRL! Hooray for Team Pink. Princess is very excited to have a protege. Dude thinks it’s great too. Bruce the cat kneads my belly and sleeps on it. So I think he loves the baby too.


4 thoughts on “Minivans and Mormons

  1. Yay for the minivan!! I need a new car, but I just can’t bring myself to be convinced that a minivan is my next step. But then, I’m at 2 kiddos, not 3 🙂 Sliding doors do have a large appeal though…

  2. Yeah for the sweet baby girl! I saw that on Facebook. I think it’s funny your car is Salsa Red, yet you say it resembles Maroon. My Bug is Red Rocks Red, yet it looks vaguely like Orange. I think the the people who name paint colors are having some fun with us.

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