Just say no to training wheels

The beginning of summer the Princess proclaimed that she wanted to ride her bike without training wheels. Dude said, ME TOO! (Even though Princess is two years younger she is very much the leader.) All summer long we would go outside and practice, and practice and practice. Many tears were shed and much frustration on everyone’s part was expressed. Sometimes loudly. Learning to ride a bike became the bain of our summer.

August 28th- Dude went to Cub Scouts. All the boys brought their bikes to learn about bike safety and they went on a ride together. Dude watched the other boys ride without training wheels. Then asked Dad (the Army Man) to take off the training wheels off his bike.

Dude took off riding like he had been doing it his whole life. He rode like the wind! No one believed me that Dude had just learned to ride that night. Frankly the Army Man and I could hardly believe it.

Fast forward to Saturday. (September 15th) Princess rode her bike without training wheels! She even used her brakes and came to a complete stop. And there was much rejoicing! She said Mom I did it and I didn’t make any mistakes! I’m so proud of Dude and Princess but I’m even more grateful that our summer pains were finally rewarded.

Awkward Segue: My pregnancy is progressing normally and that makes me very happy. We should find out the gender this week. I say “should” because it all depends if the caboose is feeling shy. I’m hoping for a loud and proud baby . =)

Progression of the Caboose

2 thoughts on “Just say no to training wheels

  1. Look at you! Beautiful pictures… Congrats on the no training wheels thing. I did an activity days once where we were just getting out and riding bikes together. One of the girls COULDN’T ride a bike. She came along anyway, and just jog right along side.

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