Stuck on Repeat

I’ve heard of an app for newborns. It’s called Baby Shusher. You can record shushing noises or whatever kind of noises will soothe your baby. Then you play them on your phone when the baby is crying. But I want it so I can record oft repeated phrases that I’m STINKING tired of articulating.

*Not listed in order of irritation factor*

1. Chewing is a silent activity/Chew with your mouth closed

2. Your dirty underwear is on the floor. I’m pretty sure it goes in your laundry basket.

3. Wash. Your. Hands.

4. Flush the toilet!

5. Those who do not empty their lunch boxes will have to endure school lunch the next day.

6. Your hand is not a kleenex.

7. For the love of your Mother’s vanishing sanity, close the door.

8. Brush your teeth.

9. Your dirty socks don’t belong on the kitchen table. Ever.

10. Are you eating/drinking something while you are playing on the computer?!

How about you? What phrase are you repeating to your kids everyday?

2 thoughts on “Stuck on Repeat

  1. Every electrical device in the house is on, so is every light in every room, and the back door is standing wide open, so is the refridgerator. (the boys are outside, playing wii, PS3, watching tv, surfing the internet, and baking? with their Jedi mind tricks)

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