Caboose letters and such


Dear Blogspot,

Remember the good old days when making a blog took five minutes? Now you have to have a gmail and a google plus account before it will even let you set up your blogspot blog. Well I think it stinks! I helped my friend set up her blog and it took us over an hour!! WordPress doesn’t care what e-mail address you have and they certainly don’t require you to have a Facebook page.


I’ll stick with WordPress.

Dear Mighty Mac,

There should be a simple way to share files. My external hard drive is connected to the network and yet I can’t locate it or figure out how to get files from it. If I was using Windows I could have clicked on ‘my computer’ and there it would be!!! Perhaps Windows is poorly made but at least I don’t have to take it to the store and ask a Genius how to perform a simple function.


There’s something wonderful to be said about simplicity.

Dear Caboose,

I’ve decided your cravings are like the dark side of the Force. I must obey my master!


My family is getting tired of spicy food.

Dear Dude and Princess,

You both seem really excited about the upcoming baby and the prospect of buying a minivan. However I’m concerned your enthusiasm might wane once you realize how much crying your in for. I can hear your squeaky voices now, “Mama! The baby is crying again!”


My kiddos might be in for a shock.

5 thoughts on “Caboose letters and such

    • I’m certainly not tired of spicy food. But my little family is. The baby is in charge of the menu so unfortunately they’ll just have to deal.

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