Can I Get An Amen?

Two years and a half years ago I bought my first laptop (a PC) and named it the White Knight. (I name all my technology.) Earlier this year my hard drive crashed. My husband and I debated seriously on attempting to fix the White Knight.

But we had also been discussing that the next computer we buy would have to be a Mac. We were finally seeing that PC had done us wrong. If we were lucky our PC computers were lasting maybe three years. After that there wasn’t a computer genius or priest alive who could bring it back from the dead.  It seemed to be that we had wasted enough money on technology that didn’t work.

In the end we decided to fix the White Knight. We replaced the hard drive and recovered lost data from the old hard drive. My husband is very tech savvy!  However our attempts failed. The last month the White Knight has been shutting down unexpectedly. This week it won’t connect to the internet.

Yesterday my husband came home and handed me a heavy bag. Inside was my first and my loveliest MacBook Pro. I am converted. I have seen the Apple way and it is wise. I shall never stray. All hail the Mighty Mac!

There aren’t enough wonderful things to be said for my husband. He listened with great patience to my whining over the death of my White Knight. And in true Army Man fashion he solved my problem. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and all those other holidays…to me!! (Which means no presents for me. I’ll be lucky if I get chocolate in my stocking.)

7 thoughts on “Can I Get An Amen?

  1. YAY, your computer life will never be the same….it will be so much better! Happy for you, A+++ for the hubby.

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