Two Is Better Than One


Tobi & Tobi

May I have your attention please? I would like the world to meet my 2nd cousin, Tobi. She was born first and might actually be the reason my Mom insisted on naming me Tobi.

I’m rarely in the room with someone I share a name with. A few times it was confusing. A taste of what the masses with more common names feel like.

I truly enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her a little.

I feel that I must carry on the tradition of naming girls Tobi. Now to convince the Army Man.

P.S. We do not yet know the gender of our baby. For now we call the baby, the caboose. Because this is the end of the baby making train.      😀

3 thoughts on “Two Is Better Than One

  1. Was this baby a surprise? I love Caboose …Perhaps a middle name? 😉 Just kidding. But seriously, Tobi is a great name. Love it! And it is so original for a girl.

  2. The Caboose was carefully planned for and much desired. The big gap in between children is because it took me a long time to be ready for the Caboose. We are very happy about our upcoming addition. =)

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