I am the navigator!

This month…well this whole summer has been full of challenges for me and for my family. My grandmother fell and hit her head. She had to have two craniotomy’s and now she is doing physical therapy. During the course of her physical therapy they discovered that she also has a broken pelvis. It’s been very tense and stressful for our entire family. Up until now she has been a very healthy 84 year old.

Along with my pregnancy has come some unpleasant side effects. This pregnancy seems to be riddled with headaches and migraines. I’ve already had 3 migraines. Usually I have one migraine a year. So this has been a little rough for me. Personally I’ll take the nausea and the vomiting any time over the migraines.

And have you ever had a church calling where your in charge of over 1oo children? It’s intense to say the least. I love working with the children in my church. I love teaching them and watching that little light bulb come on when they first understand a new concept. It’s all the other administrative stuff and politics that I could happily do without.

On the good news front my husband (the army man) has successfully taught me how to use a compass! This is huge for me because I am a terrible navigator. My GPS is my best friend in the car. Now I have to admit that the only reason I learned was because I had to teach the Cub Scouts how to use a compass.  But still it’s important that we are always learning new things. Right?!

Dude and some of the Cub Scouts

2 thoughts on “I am the navigator!

  1. Sorry about the migraines. Mine are related to hormones, and it sounds like yours might be too, with the pregnancy.

    Grandmas hit that age where they suddenly seem so fragile. And they are. Hoping Grandma is feeling up to par soon. Poor thing…

    Cub Scouts…I did that calling for a lot of years. I love the boys, but I can do without the program. It is such a guy thing, and guys stuff, and it just wasn’t my forte.

  2. I didn’t know you are pregnant! Congratulations!!! But yes, the pregnancy migraines are terrible. Hang in there. Sorry about your grandma. Sounds like it has been a tough little bit.

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