Dude’s Baptism

Pictures I think will best show the work we all put into Dude’s baptism. Most of the idea’s were mine with some input from my very talented cousin Jenn. She is the Jeff to my Mutt. =)

Hand made ‘Choose the Right’ magnets

I used iridescent pebbles from Hobby Lobby. I got the CTR shields online for free. The pebbles are about 3/4 of an inch. But I had to print the shields smaller because the glass magnifies the shields. I modge podged  the shields onto the flat side of the pebbles. I let them dry for about 30 minutes. Then I hot glued 3/4 inch round magnets (again Hobby Lobby) onto the back. My sister Britt and I made 50 of them. And every single one was gone by the end of the baptism.

close up

Dude and Grandpa

Cupcakes picks and cupcakes by Jenn Wheeler. She’s terrific!

Nummy food!

My super family

Yes I did coordinate our outfits.

Until next year when we baptize the Princess. Expect excessive amounts of pink and frou-frou!

4 thoughts on “Dude’s Baptism

  1. Wow! Love it all! Will you come do the quints baptism for me? The family pic is totally cute. The magnets are awesome—I may have to copy that idea. In fact my kids are looking over my shoulder lusting after the magnets, so we might have to try them sooner rather than later. And are those Sylvia’s mint brownies I see? Hmm…I wish I could have gone to the baptism instead of not running the marathon 🙂

  2. You put on quite the spread lady! I’m not much of an entertainer that way. Yours turned out beautiful and congratulations on Dude’s Baptism. How special that his grandpa got to do that for him. Do you not do Stake baptisms out there? Ours are stake baptisms, a mass crowd and you are in and out. (I love the magnets, too.) So crafty!

  3. Congratulations to Dude! He looks so handsome and happy.

    I’m all about the coordinated outfits. Everyone looks so great! And so does the invitation and the party. Want to come live by me so we can throw parties together?

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