How we make it happen

1. Event planning is a recent phenomena in my life. I’ve only been doing it for the last two years. I’ve come a long way but I’m still just a fledgling compared to some. And no one is paying me to do this. I happily plan events for family and close friends. Perhaps at a much later stage in the game I can start charging people for my party skills. Maybe.

2. I stress the same about every event I plan. No matter how big or small, there will always be stress. It’s a big deal to me that these events go smoothly. I don’t exactly have a reputation. But nor do I want to look like it’s my first rodeo and the clowns are running the show. 

3. I am not afraid to call in favors, change the details at the last minute, and or shamelessly coerce my talented friends into helping me execute events. (In this I am ruthless.) Delegate!  If you ask me, you can’t be successful if your not willing to parcel out the responsibilities.  The reason why I emphasize this is because there is no way you could do everything yourself. Not unless you are She-Ra in disguise.

Which leads me into a big Thank You. I couldn’t have planned the Dude’s baptism without the help of a small village. My cousin Jennifer, my Mom, my Mom-in-law, Chelsea Heap, Paula Hale, Lori Marsh, Nicole Cook, Stacy Kossman, my uncle and my Dad-in-law to name a few. These terrific people made Dude’s baptism a reality and I would like to thank all of them most sincerely. You are some talented, supportive and lovely people!


I made this invitation on Vista Print. I like them so much better than Shutterfly. Vista Print allows you to edit all of the text. I can change the font, the size, and even the position of the text. For a control freak like me, it’s a dream come true. This invitation actually started out to be a baby announcement. And look now you can’t even tell! My only word of caution is make sure you order from Vista Print far in advance. Their production times can be quite lengthy.

Now an invitation is a little formal and is NOT necessary for a baptism. I had these made mostly because I’m a bit old school and because it made a few members of my family happy.

 I took the pictures of Alec at Seven Falls.  After I took the pictures I thought oh waterfalls, baptism… it’s all so symbolic. HA! How clever of me and I didn’t even realize I was being clever. Silly me.

More on the baptism coming soon. And if you would like to learn more about baptism then follow the link below.

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