Onto 1st Grade

Last year we made the tough decision to have Princess repeat Kindergarten. You wouldn’t believe the requirements they have for Kinder age students now. By the end of the year they are supposed to know 150 sight words. That’s a lot of words for a five year old to know and recognize. They have to be able to write 1 to 100 numerically. And they have to write in a journal everyday, at least three sentences. Oh and did I mention Princess has four pages of homework every week? Princess only goes to gym and music once a week and she only has one recess a day. It’s all academic’s, all the time. While I agree that America is woefully behind in the education race, I also think they might be expecting a tad too much from our five year old’s. Creative play is important too.

Since Princess was the youngest in her class we decided that it wouldn’t hurt her to repeat Kindergarten and be the oldest in her class. And this year couldn’t have been more different. She was the top of her class in everything. She is more mature and more confident. Princess would even help other students who were struggling and she loved when it was her turn to be the teacher’s helper.

Princess and Ms. Abeyta

She is so excited to be a first grader. She is growing up so fast and I am so proud of the wonderful little girl she is.


3 thoughts on “Onto 1st Grade

  1. You know, sometimes you know what is best. It is hard to be the youngest in the group, because developmentally you just aren’t where the rest of them are. Sometimes I wish I had held my second son back. His was a maturity thing, and all his friends were in younger grades anyway.

  2. She looks so grown up and cute, what a beautiful dress. I love the top picture, she looks so proud of herself. Congrats to Cora and good luck in first grade. You made the right choice mom and dad.

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