Adventures with Dude

Tuesday May 16th

Dude’s class went on a field trip to a local horse ranch. The night before his field trip he said, “Mom can I dress as a cowboy?” I said yes. Dude’s teachers especially loved his fashion choices. =) Everyone got a turn riding the horses. Dude’s horse was named Lacy. He also fed a goat. Touched a baby duck and brushed a horse.Yee-haw! Afterwards we went to a park. The principal of the school brought his grill and made hotdogs and hamburgers for everyone. Dude especially enjoyed the cake that was served as dessert.




Today Dude’s 3rd grade class had an award ceremony. All of the children received awards. I saw Dude’s class come in but he wasn’t with them. After 10 minutes I asked the Vice Principal why my son wasn’t in attendance. He said, “Why isn’t Dude here?” I said, “That’s what I would like to know.” He quickly shuffled out of the room. Eager to escape the wrath of the Mothership. Dude ran into the room just 2 minutes later and joined his class. I whispered a thank you to the vice principal.

Dude arrived just in time to receive his award for most huggable student. I couldn’t agree more. The bottom left picture clearly demonstrates how much alike the Dude and I look. We are awesome and attractive! 




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