Appreciate your teachers!

This year I am feeling especially grateful to my children’s teachers. Dude’s speech therapist told me that he has met all of his goals. He will no longer require any speech therapy!  Dude’s been in speech therapy for FOUR YEARS. I am so grateful to have a talking little Dude in my home. He’s also reading at a third grade level. Which is mostly incredible because he is IN third grade. I’m so happy for all the progress that Dude has made. I owe it all to a loving Father in Heaven and to all of the stupendous teachers that have impacted Dude’s life for good. I cannot thank these wonderful teachers enough. They have done something that I could NEVER have done for him. For that alone they will always have my gratitude.

On Monday I gave the teachers cups with three different kinds of Crystal light inside. On the outside I attached a picture of Princess or Dude.

Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge

I found the idea for these cups on Pinterest.  I just changed up the tag to suit my purposes.

Then after I gave them to the teachers I found another idea that I couldn’t shake. I just had to make it!  This was my interpretation of her stellar idea. Maybe a tad cheaper too.

I made all of the tags with Picasa. And I’ll throw in a free printable just because. Share the teacher love!!

p.s. I’ve never posted a printable before. You tech savvy lovely people will have to tell me if it doesn’t work.

3 thoughts on “Appreciate your teachers!

  1. Thos are both excellent and thoughtful gifts, you clever woman. Always a good thing to acknowledge the gifts and talents of others, especially those who are helping us through life’s journey. And for Dude, A++ for his steller accomplishments, you have every reason to be proud of him.

  2. All excellent ideas! They have to deal with so much negative from parent’s throughout the year. I know for a fact that teachers love the appreciation. So, spread the love.

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