Timely Advice

I am NOT a morning person. I’ll get up and do what’s needed. But don’t expect cheerfulness or any sounds of joy from my section. I’m a quiet on purpose. Because I don’t want my un-cheerful attitude to leak out of my mouth.

However more often than not my grump attitude gets the best of me. Because I have yet to discover how to get my children to school without speaking to them.

My children have no sense of urgency. Or even an internal clock that tells them hey it’s been twenty minutes since your Mom woke you up and your still in your pajamas. Maybe you should think about getting dressed. Eat breakfast? Comb your hair? Anything? Keep playing you say? Ah yes, wise choice. That’s sure to bring out the best in your Mom’s un-morning attitude.

So instead I feel like a walking clock that bellows out how much time my children are wasting. I get so sick of saying the same thing Monday through Friday. (Sunday too because church starts at 9 am) Get dressed, stop playing. Eat breakfast and leave the cat alone. Are you ready for school? No? Then why are you playing on the computer?

What should I do? What can I change? How can I get my children off to school without making their mornings horrible, but not be late every single day?


Utterly tired of being the time police.




3 thoughts on “Timely Advice

  1. Great post! Haha. You are so funny. 🙂
    Have you heard of Love and Logic? Fun classes to take or parenting books to read. It’s hard to let the children have consequences, but we’ve been having the same time reminding issues. We try reminding only once that their ride leaves at 8am. After that, it is their choice if they don’t eat or get dressed, but as a result, they’d go to school hungry and embarrassed. After one or two times, they usually decide to get their responsibilities done first. Good luck Tobi!

  2. Maybe doing some planning the night before might help. Lay out clothes for the next day, put backpacks and outer wear at the door ready to go, even set the breakfast table before you go to bed. Make sure the kids are in bed each night at the same time and early enough so that they get enough sleep, you might need to do that too :-). Maybe your kiddos are like you, meaning that they’re not morning people either. Maybe while everyone’s waking up you could read a scripture and have a quick prayer whichmight help everyone to be more cheerful. I have to confess, I’m one of those cheerful talkative morning people but I have people in my family who aren’t that way. Remember what you’re doing right now won’t last forever, those kiddos grow up quickly….enjoy the journey.

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