Retrieve Data From Corrupt Hard Drive

Let’s say that your hard drive crashes. (UMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME anyone?) And let’s say that you need to retrieve data from your hard drive. But let’s also say that you don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars to some tech savvy computer nerd person.  Did you know that you can do it yourself? For a fraction of the cost?

Step 1. Remove hard drive. A few screws and your in like flynn.

Laptop Hard Drive

Step 2. Take hard drive to your local electronics store. Tell them you want a HARD DRIVE ENCLOSURE. This little magic device turns the hard drive from your laptop or computer into an external hard drive. Not all Enclosures work with every hard drive so you want to make sure you get the right one.


Step 3. Place hard drive into enclosure. Connect to laptop or computer that actually has a functioning hard drive. Voila! There is all your data at your fingertips. Copy lost data onto a disc or external hard drive.

Now this isn’t always going to work. It may be that your hard drive is so corrupt that you might have to shell out the money for a professional to retrieve your data. But for ten dollars, what can it hurt to try it on your own first?

4 thoughts on “Retrieve Data From Corrupt Hard Drive

    • Mr. Freeman my husband would love to make millions with you. And I do back up my hard drive. But it crashed and I had two folders of pictures that hadn’t been backed up yet. One of them was Easter pictures and I had to retrieve the cuteness!

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