The tale of the White Knight

Once upon a time there was a white Sony laptop “White Knight”. For two years the White Knight performed it’s duties admirably. So much so that it was much coveted throughout the land. However the hard drive the White Knight’s trusty steed broke his leg. *Unmountable Boot Volume* No amount of care could heal the leg of the White Knight’s great steed. 

And the Man of the Army searched the land for the biggest and best hard drive steed.  And there was much rejoicing in the land. For the man of the Army had instilled new life in the White Knight. And the White Knight, newly restored to glory, did rejoice as well. For his true love (his owner) did write down all the many journey’s and feats of his day. (She backed up her data on a 2 terabyte hard drive.) 

Huzzah for the White Knight! Huzzah for his true love! And most of all Huzzah for tech savvy nerds of the Army persuasion. 😉

3 thoughts on “The tale of the White Knight

  1. I hate computer headaches! Were you not able to retrieve your personal data until it was fixed? That is scary…I almost lost generations of family history work due to dying computer. I transferred all my info to a new computer and forgot my family history. It had been in a trash pile in the garage when I remembered. My tech savvy son was able to get it up and running temporarily so I could get that information. I think I need a 2 terabyte hard drive, too!

    • I’ve been backing up my hard drive for the last year or so. I did loose a little bit of data, but nothing compared to what I could have lost. The Army Man thinks he can retrieve the little bit of data I lost from my old hard drive. I’m so grateful I bought the 2 terabyte. It really saved me a lot of heartache.

  2. Horror of horrors a life without the white knight. I did love the comments though because I am currently doing our family geneology (again) because mine got lost by (of all people) the church history people and I, having submitted my 4 generations on floppy disc thought “OK deed done, I can rest now”. OOPS 10 years later my floopy disc is worthless and the church doesn’t know anything about a submission. Soooooo now I get to type it all back in. Lesson learned. It is going on a stick this time.

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