Things I love about Utah

I love all of my family in Utah. I didn’t get to see everyone but that’s how Utah always is for me. A mad dash to see as much of my family as I can.



I fancy Temple Square. My Dad played the trumpet in the Mormon Youth Symphony and we went to countless concerts on Temple Square.


Temple Square

I greatly esteem the new mall in Salt Lake City. It’s called City Creek Center. However many billions was spent on it…well it was worth every penny. I especially loved the Sky Bridge. You can see the Salt Lake Temple and downtown. So gorgeous.


The Sky Bridge




City Creek Center

I recall with great fondness Antelope Island. I spent many hot summer days hanging with good friends on the island. Hysterically Princess and Dude were terrified of the Bison. They refused to get out of the car and look at them. I told them that Bison are just fluffy cows with horns. They were not convinced. I drove too close for Princess and I heard her mutter in the back seat, “Oh no, no, no Mom.”


Antelope Island

I sincerely appreciate spending quality time with my children. I take delight in exploring with them and showing them places that have so much meaning for me. They were excited to see and do everything. I enjoy excursions and I’m so glad to have two such awesome little travelers with me. 


Best and Cutest Travel Companions

Best quote from the trip. Princess- “Mom do you know how to get to Utah? I mean all the way to Utah?”

Me- “Yes. I’ve been there a few times.”

Princess- “I sure hope you don’t get lost.”


7 thoughts on “Things I love about Utah

    • Nope we left before the weekend. We went for Spring Break than ran home Friday before all the bad traffic hit. It seems like a lot of my friends were in Utah at the same time I was. Sorry I missed you!

    • Thanks Rachelle! Yes my banner picture is the Salt Lake City Temple. I lucked out the day I went and all the cherry blossoms were in bloom.

  1. Pretty soon, you’ll have to squeeze me in every now and then on your Utah trips, too! These pictures are all gorgeous. I’m loving the new camera addition in your life 🙂 I’m also loving the existence of City Creek. It makes leaving LA shopping a bit easier for sure.

  2. Ashley I can’t wait for you to move to Utah so I can squeeze you in! Princess still talks about you. I am positive that you are going to love City Creek.

  3. You are too beautiful and your kids are too cute! Makes me smile to see you guys had such a happy adventure 🙂

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