Many sisters, many talents

I have four many sisters.  All of them are brilliant and talented in their own ways. My sister Britt is the jewelry phenom. I’ve broken the same bracelet two times and she has always made it All Better.

Like the rest of the universe I have been sucked into that wondrous vortex called Pinterest. I came across this tutorial and I knew I wanted to make these for an upcoming family gathering. But I needed supervision. I had never attempted jewelry making before. So I begged Britt for her expertise. She said,  “BRING ON THE BEADS!”






All together now

May I also note that my new fancy dancy camera is divinely talented in my super clueless hands? Let the record so note that TK is clueless. =)

And please friends if you are not part of the holy mecca that is Pinterest, please message me. I will invite and induct into it’s vast wonders.

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