Letters to so and so

Dear MP (Military Police)

You are wonderful, amazing, stupendous and whatever other word means brilliant. I appreciate that every morning that you direct traffic at my little yahoo’s school. However this morning I am sooooo sorry, so very sorry. Blowing snow, freezing temperatures and you get to stand outside in for 30 minutes? Again my apologies that our school was the ONLY one that didn’t get a delayed start.

the definition of miserable


I appreciate your service!

Dear Colorado Weathermen,

How does light flurries and a 30% chance of snow translate into a full blown snow storm? Being a Colorado weatherman must be the greatest job on Earth. Because every single stinking day your weather predictions are wrong. And yet somehow you still have a job. You’re fired.


Sick of not knowing what to expect!

Dear parents,

You always wanted to know why Amoo’s (Grandma) house was so wonderful. You always wondered are there secret rituals? What happens exactly when I leave my children for a few hours? Please let me enlighten you. It’s called Chicken Foo. Please watch the following video for a brief demonstration.


Thank you Mom for letting my kids get the “wound up” out of their heads.

2 thoughts on “Letters to so and so

  1. How did you get a camera into chicken foo? I thought we checked those at the door.
    I am a little suprised how loud that was.

  2. Oh man, that poor MP!

    I’m definitely excited to see more of you and your cute little kids 🙂 Also, did I mention that my big sister’s husband will be stationed at Fort Carson at the end of the year? Which means that we’ll be visiting the Springs every now and then, too? All true.

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