A little break, a little enter

I have a friend named Whitney. She’s a return missionary, wife and mother of two cutie pies.  Not only is she wise in spiritual matters but she also has a handle on street smarts.

Last week I enjoyed a lovely lunch with some, well you guessed it, lovely ladies. Whitney drove me home. But a search of my curse (purse) provided me with the knowledge that I locked myself out of my house. You see my dear readers I’m super stressed. Therefore my short term memory seems to be on permanent hiatus. Locking myself out seems to be par for the course.

Whitney proposed the following logical solution, “Let’s break in.” After less than a minute of fiddling my door popped wide open. To which Whitney said, “I hope you feel secure in your home now.”  Hysterics ensued.

Lesson learned: My friends are multifaceted. Just because they are good people doesn’t mean they aren’t adept at breaking & entering.


Bruce Wayne

7 thoughts on “A little break, a little enter

    • I recently became the 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency. I’m also in charge of cub scouts. Both of which I know nothing about. I have had numerous training meetings, primary meetings, cub scout meetings, and cub scout activities. Did I mention the Army Man is out of town as well? Yeah it’s been fun juggling my hectic schedule. Nothing but fun I say.

  1. I hope you are feeling better honey. I will NOT add to your stress with any MOMMA crisis this week, promise. By the way Girl Scout Cookies are my stress reliever of choice. That is why they call them fat “pills”.

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