Unwritten Law

I have a personal TK law about new camera’s. The first picture you take with a new camera has to be important. The subject(s) have to be close to your heart.  It must be …..

First folded flag

(Super serious face because flag folding is serious stuff!)

Sugar lips

Ahhh… yes my little yahoo’s. Perfect! They are just so easy on the eyes. In my totally unbiased opinion. 😉

p.s. Canon Rebel t3i = STUPENDOUS!

6 thoughts on “Unwritten Law

  1. I’m super jealous of your new camera. Now I have advice for you. Learn to use it really well. Take an online photography course. There are so many really great ones out there. And then there is this VERY IMPORTANT rule: turn your flash off and learn to shoot in Manual mode. You are going to knock our socks off!

  2. Scouts, how sweet! Now put the new camera up way high because we all saw the pictures of Cora’s nose hair from Alec on the last camera.

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