Stray thoughts

A few stray thoughts of no importance and in no particular order.

I like signs. In fact I would say I have a strange obsession with them. They direct us, caution us, they inspire us and sometimes they can even be funny.

Regular happy men turn into road raging, can’t share the road, jerk wads as soon as they get into a big black truck. I can’t fully expound on this painful phenomenon. I only know that it’s the truth.  And nothing but.

Princess told me she has three nerves and the Bruce (the cat) is on her last nerve.

The word ‘fart’ sends my children into convulsions of laughter. Their laughter is irresistible so I always find myself laughing with them. Which may make me seem a little juvenile when my peers see me laughing at the word ‘fart’.  Oh well.

Most people love soup on a cold day. But I love vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s syrup. I’m a bit of an odd fish.

Most commonly you probably acknowledge a text message with a simple OK. Liven up your text messages with a Roger that, Ten four, and copy that gold leader. Hey if it’s good enough for the truckers then it’s good enough for text messages. =)

My children love Octonauts. If fact I would say they are Octo-nuts!! HA.

Leave your stray thoughts below please.

7 thoughts on “Stray thoughts

  1. Chicken Foo, all the grandkids love it.
    I answer any request from a grandkid for food with “Is this something you feel strongly about?”
    That’s Grandmotherese for Yes.
    Roger that Gold Leader

  2. Haha! I love that little Princess. I wonder how many nerves mommies have 🙂 And if you’re an odd duck, so am I! Ice cream is a year-round food group. I especially love it with hot cocoa next to the fireplace. Entirely normal, I’m sure.

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