TK’s Tips

What is the secret to fluffy soft chocolate chip cookies? Baking Powder. No Baking Soda. Try it. You can thank me later.

How do I reheat rice without it turning into a dry hard rice-sized-rocks? Add a sprinkle of water to your rice before heating it in the microwave. Comes out like you just pulled it out of the rice cooker.

How do I stop my hair from turning into a static mess during the bone dry winter months? I use Frizz-Ease. It smells good and my hair stays smooth and static free all day. Bonus? I never need hair spray anymore.

Plastic bags from grocery stores are turned into trash can liners for my tiny bathroom trashcans.

Need a free, user friendly photo editing software? PICNIK is the one. Most features are free. Access to premium features costs $25.00 a year. Comparatively photoshop is $300.00. Yikes! I use picnik to edit all of my photos. I lurve it! =)

picnik makes cool even cooler!

Let’s face it, scripture study with little yahoo’s (children) is tough. At least it is for me. I have a hard time making it interesting. Until my cousin introduced me to They have videos, games, tons of pictures to go with the scriptures, printables and much more. This website truly makes scripture study come alive! Now my yahoo’s beg me for scripture study time. And it’s completely free!!!

And the greatest invention ever? Automatic pet feeder!!! You program it down to the minute you want the food dispensed along with the amount. A 1/4 cup dispensed in the morning and afternoon for the Bruce.

Bruce Wayne

Have any tips you would care to share with me? Please comment. I live and die by my comments. =)

4 thoughts on “TK’s Tips

  1. I’ll have to go home from work today and make some cookies…give it a try. I use Picasa…It’s free. I’ll have to try the other and see which one I like better. Hmmm, tips…I probably have a brain full of them, but at the moment I can’t think of any. If I think of some, I’ll come back.

    AND, feel better soon.

  2. Here’s a tip for you honey, spray antibacterial cleaner in your sink each night. No, don’t scrub it every day just spray it a little. All those germs from toothbrushing, etc… Will be neutralized (killed) and when you do scrub it won’t have a big build up of crud. One more tip. Husbands are like children….. Exactly like children. You feed, dress, and satisfy their every want then they whine about something else.

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