While you were in Afghanistan

Due to Budget Concerns and the fact that a singular stamp nearly costs .50 cents, we are only posting our Christmas card online this year. My super awesome and gorgeous friend Angie made this Christmas card for me.  But first you have to read my long (and sure to be full of bragging) Christmas letter.

The Long and Short of 2011


While You Were In Afghanistan

Our children locked themselves in their rooms and then started crying because they couldn’t get themselves out. Even though the lock was on their side of the door. I quickly learned how to unlock the bedroom doors with a small screw driver. This happened numerous times.

Dude read an entire children’s book to me.

Princess threw a tray of food over her shoulder. Apparently the school lunch wasn’t to her liking.

I started packing lunches for our kids to eat at school. See above reason.

I fell in love with a photo editing software called Picnik.

I discovered a love of crafting. Mainly making note cards. I even have my own “little” crafting cart of supplies.

Princess received her very first (and hopefully last) head injury.

Dude made the honor roll…three times.

I broke the smart phone. Twice. I wrote about my misadventure on my blog and it was mentioned on MormonTimes.com. Whoo-hoo!

I taught our kiddos how to play Uno, Yahtzee and Trouble. Good times ensued.

Princess charmed two strangers into giving her money. Her powers of persuasion are only increasing.

Kite flying was attempted several times. But we were never quite successful. Mostly we ran around the yard a lot.

I planned three baby showers and a family reunion. It was fun and nerve wracking all at the same time.

I went skydiving  with my cousin and lived to tell the tale.

The Army Man came home from Afghanistan and there was much rejoicing.

We attended a second family Reunion with the Army Man. We danced to Thriller. The Army Man is a much better dancer than I.

We got to see the hot air Balloon Glow.  So very beautiful.

The Army Man and I played the Newlywed game at church and we won!!

Dude wanted to be a Ninja for Halloween. And Princess decided that she had to be a Ninja as well. At our Church Halloween party no one knew who Princess was. She loved being a sneaky Ninja.

The Army Man was promoted!!

And that is my fun and slightly incomplete look at 2011. We send you all our warmest wishes for a wonderful and happy Christmas season!

2 thoughts on “While you were in Afghanistan

  1. VERY NICE CARD. I totally forgot about the tray tossing incident. You forgot to mention Bruce joined the family. Bruce is quite the most interesting cat I ever met. I never saw a cat eat a raw sweet potato until him. Sorry for the cranial incident.
    Happy Christmas darling.

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