We’ve got a jumper

It’s December 1st! It’s officially time for that sneaky Elf on the Shelf to make his debut! Elf dives into Christmas by bungee jumping from the Curtain rod. As my husband would say, “Naughty Zoot.”


Special effects by LittlePhoto

This morning I could hardly wait for the kids to notice the Elf. Princess said, “How did that sneaky Elf tie himself to our curtains? He is sneaky like a Ninja!” Dude said, “Mom can I have Oreo’s for breakfast?” Clearly breakfast was foremost in Dude’s mind. After breakfast he was a lot more excited about our Elf and he consented to have his picture taken with Elf. I love my kids and their enthusiasm for Christmas. (After Breakfast)

We love that sneaky Elf!

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