TK’s perfect day

A few years ago I wrote a bucket list. Close to the top I wrote the most do-able of my delightful dreams; Attend a depression glass show with my grandmother (Nana) and my cousin Jenn. For those of you who are confused a depression glass show is not a movie. Vendors from all over the country come to the fairgrounds and hawk their wares. Mostly crystal and depression glass. They all have elaborate booths and display their glass in rainbow formation. It’s quite breath taking to behold. Imagine walking into a warehouse full of your favorite thing. It’s everywhere. It’s glistens in the fluorescent light like the beautiful treasure that it is.

As we walked into the glass show all three of us simultaneously let out a sigh of pleasure. There were over 40 booths of glass. And you can bet your last dollar we visited them all. Twice.

My cousin Jenn and Nana

Nana thoughtfully packed a lunch for all three of us. Cheese sandwiches, potato chips, and cookies.

Nana and Me

After our awesome lunch break I decided that I had to have this baroque compote dish.

It was a perfect day and I’m so glad I was able to share it with two wonderful women.

9 thoughts on “TK’s perfect day

  1. Tobi,

    What wonderful pictures, your Nana is darling…you all look beautiful and terrific. I love the compote dish, it was an excellent choice.

  2. And it was a perfect day indeed… I was so glad to be able to spend it with you and Nana. It just wouldn’t be the same without you!

  3. Hey skinny lady! You look great! I love beautiful glass, too. Although I’ve not bought too much. We went and saw a glass blower in Oregon once and I had to buy a vase that he made. Considering the price, I had to opt for the smaller vase. But very beautiful

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