Of wisecracks and wisdom

I can go without make-up but I can’t go without a hairdo. I like my hair to be perfect in all things and in all places. =)

My top two frequently asked questions are… Is your name really TK? Is black your natural hair color? The answer is yes my hair is au natural. And TK are my initials. So yes it is one form of my name.

I beginning to believe  my self esteem level is directly tied to how clean my home is.

I’m a major procrastinator. I know I should do it now. But I work better under the pressure of a looming deadline.

I love the winter mainly because that’s when my birthday is.

Without a doubt Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Your not a real parent until you’ve been baptized in you child’s urine. Only then can you can you gather with other parents and compare war stories.

I clean my bathrooms moments before company is coming over. Thereby increasing the odds of the toilet actually being clean for my guests.

Growing in the gospel is like doing the laundry. You are never going to be done and you are constantly trying to improve your methods.

I have decided I need to start collecting cake plates with glass domes. So far I have one. I think they make wonderful centerpieces that you could change up for any season!

Please share a wisdom or a wisecrack in my comments below. Thank you for your cooperation. =)


6 thoughts on “Of wisecracks and wisdom

  1. The only time you can be certain your toilet is clean is if you watch the blue stuff go down just as the guest walks into the bathroom…

  2. Dear TK
    The growth I have seen in you and your life since I met you those many years ago when people said, “She is a little young and immature do you think she can do this job” and I said she can learn!, has been so amazing. You have made me so proud to know you and say you are my friend. With all my love Please keep writing and making us smile. You should publish girl you write so well.
    Love Shelia

  3. Tobi, did I forget to tell you NO spiders in the apples?
    How is the princess handling this?
    My favorite wise crack is: “Is it something you feel strongly about?”
    It only takes 2 or 3 times of this before all the grandkids start saying “yes” because they know it is my way of saying: You did not really need to ask for that, but I’m glad to know your parents are raising you with manners!

  4. People say stupid things, That includes everyone of us. If you are considering holding a grudge because of a thoughtless comment, just think of all the people that you need to ask forgiveness of.

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