Trouble follows me

A women’s husband dies. Leaving her to raise their young son on her own. She sells the house and all of her property. Everything except their clothes and she takes her son on a trip around the world. They saved the best for last. They traveled to India to see the Taj Mahal. As the woman and her son marveled at the beauty of the palace they were approached by three rough looking men. The men commanded them to leave immediately. They chased the woman and her son from the palace and even when they had left the palace ground the men continued pursue them. The woman decieded that she must stop and confront these men. She and her son couldn’t run forever. So she stops and cries to the men. Don’t follow me. My husband died, I have nothing. The boat that brought us the India sank. The horses we rode took lame. I have been plagued by bad luck all my life. Trouble follows me. The men believed her and let them leave in peace.


I read this story when I was in sixth grade. I can’t remember the title or the author’s name. Despite that this story has stuck with me. I have thought of how this story reminds me of my life at times. Trouble follows me.

Last night our basement flooded. We think that the combination of heavy rain, the power being out and the sump pump being off for most of the night led to the flooding.

The most challenging part was the clean up. Taking everything out of the basement was completely exhausting. You have no idea how grateful I am that the Army Man was home.  He’s the calm one in a crisis. I’m the one who can’t see or think straight.

We put a tarp down in the dining room and we put everything  from the basement on that tarp. Which we had to do, because yesterday it was still raining and it continued to rain all day.  The maintenance people came with a shop vac to clean up the water. We left the basement empty last night just to make sure that the basement wasn’t going to flood again. Because, yes, it rained all night. Again.

We were blessed. We could have lost so much more. I’m so happy that the Army Man was home. He is my safe harbor in the storm. Because of him I was still able to make brownies and go to my additional relief society meeting. Where I taught about wills and why we all need to have one. It was a wonderful experience!

How about you? Trouble times? How are you keeping calm and carrying on?


3 thoughts on “Trouble follows me

  1. I wish we could have taken some of your rain! We soooo need it! I am so glad Army Man was there—cleaning that all up on your own would have been aweful! I hope nothing important was damaged!

  2. Darn it! I’m sorry to hear about your flooding. My favorite saying is, “This too shall pass,” which can sound kind of trite, but it really does help me put my troubles (and my joys) in perspective. I hope things turn out.

  3. I love the saying “This too shall pass” but I have added on to it
    “This too shall pass… like a razor sharp kidney stone. I will be peeing blood for a week.”

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