While I agree that food storage is serious, I can’t help but think that you need at least one frivolous food item.

Behold the glorious Redvines!!

 I went to Texas recently. I was able to meet up with some good Texas friends (The Freeman’s) at this wonderful BBQ joint.  Eat here next time your in Texas.

These are my favorite Salsa chips. While I was in Texas I took the opportunity to stock up!

My friend (Chelsea Heap) recently made dinner for my little family. Why? Because she’s awesome!

The chicken pot pie was to die for and so adorable in it’s own little ramekin. Right?!!

What’s your frivolous food of choice?

One thought on “Chow

  1. Has to be the new “shut the front door” Oreo’s. It’s not something I can eat more than 1 of, but the 1 is sooo worth it. If you have not tried those or are a salt-a-holic (Alec) truly Gardetto’s snack mix is it. Those rye chips in that mix are to die for. I pick them out to eat first. On the snackage front the boys are fruit snack and rollup kids here also. Xandra and Dakota are icecream and popscicle fans.

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