Effecting real change

Sometimes the words in my head are so loud, so demanding that they won’t even let me sleep. This shiney morning I must post some long overdue gratitude on my blog.

Whitney Thomas was my visiting teacher when I first arrived in Colorado. She really took the time to get to know me and support me. She listened as I endlessly emoted (whined) about my husband’s deployment and my Dad passing away. Through her love and concern I began to see that I had isolated myself. I didn’t know any of the Sisters in my ward and I wasn’t doing my part to reach out to them. She was frank with me. She wasn’t shy about giving me an excessive amount compliments. (I’m still unclear on why she thinks I’m wonderful, but I’ve decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.)

Amanda Mata reminds me so much of my sis-in-law Alicia. She’s witty, she’s personable and I know my stomach is going to hurt from laughing hard after I’ve been chatting with her. Some serious inspiration must have occurred for her to ask me to be on her activities committee. Even more so when just a few months later she asked me to be the activities coordinator. I feel like she has patiently supported me as I try to figure out how in the world I’m supposed to plan events for the Sisters in our ward. She has been instrumental in helping learn to love the Sisters in our ward through service. I can’t thank her enough for helping me come out of my shell. I needed this. I needed her good example.

When I was praying for help, when I was praying for a cessation of emotional pain, this is certainly not the answer I had anticipated. Amanda gave me the chance to serve and Whitney helped me see that serving was something I was capable of doing. I can’t thank these wise, wonderful women enough for really seeing me. I can’t thank them enough for effecting real change in my life.

Know any inspiring women? Please take a moment to thank them on your blog, in a e-mail, perhaps even a thank you card.

2 thoughts on “Effecting real change

  1. You bum! Totally crying! I love you! I also have not finished my job as you are still unclear on my compliments. You are wonderful.

  2. Agreed… a total bum! Your “wonderfulness” makes it super easy to be your friend! And just so you know, I have learned lots from you too! Thanks for the compliments. You are way too nice! And just because I’m not the counselor over you anymore, you better not stop being my friend!

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