The compliment that wasn’t

Yesterday a woman in church told me that I look like Casey Anthony. What’s odd is I’m positive that she meant this as a compliment. My friend Chelsea H. instantly leaned over and whispered, “No you don’t.”

Casey Anthony


As I reflected on this situation I thought, “Isn’t this a pivotal moment?” I can choose to take her comment in the spirit in which she meant it, a somewhat strange compliment. Or I can choose to be totally offended and cut ties with my church.

But really, for me, it comes down to this. How many times have I said something equally silly, offensive or just plain stupid to someone in my life? How many times has someone forgiven me when 50 feet of dumb has just fallen out of my mouth? That very Sunday I had apologized to a friend for a comment I made that implied that I didn’t value her friendship. Are any of us perfect? Are any of us getting everything right?

To me, forgiveness looks like a circle. It has no beginning and there is no end. It’s a continuous loop of love. We all deserve it and we should all impart that love to the rest of the universe.

8 thoughts on “The compliment that wasn’t

  1. At least she didn’t tell you that you look like Karl Malden. And you don’t look like him by the way. You are beautiful!!!

  2. Let it roll right off, I’m sure it was meant to be flattering, because Casey (on the outside) is very pretty. BUT, you are much prettier.

  3. First of all, let’s be clear – you are WAY cuter than Casey Anthony and with a whole lot less crazy in the eyes! Second, you rock for internalizing, assessing and going with the much higher road. We can all learn from your lesson. Offense is almost always chosen by the reciever. WE need to think the best of others and their intentions.

  4. Honey I must say you are way cuter than that other person physically. Spiritually you are the most beautiful person I know.
    And for those people judging that girl, leave that to God. None of us know what really happened to her child or her.

  5. I realize that this is a serious post, and on that note I agree with all previous commenters on your beauty and your person.

    BUT, may I just say, you made my day with, ” when 50 feet of dumb has just fallen out of my mouth”. So eloquent; I’m making it my mission to use it as often as I can!

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