The boys are back in town

Happy are we!

After eleven months of separation, trial, and every piece of technology I own malfunctioning, the Army Man is finally home. And everything works perfectly now. My theory is the technology is sensitive to the levels of testosterone in our home. Once it registers that the levels have surged, it changes tactics by operating at it’s peak. Thus making me look like a fool for whining about how nothing works once my husband steps out the door. But I’m not bitter.

Now for the tale of my Army Man’s journey home. First his trek home was delayed several days. Twice. Which was especially aggravating since he was delayed at the very last moment. Because he was flying with the equipment in a huge C-17 he got to stretch out on the floor during parts of the trip. Perhaps the most frustrating part though was when the Army Man arrived in Newfoundland Canada. Taxi’s took him and a few other soldiers to a hotel. When they got to the hotel no one’s credit card worked. Except for the Army Man’s. Since the Army Man has used his card all over the world the bank practically yawns when they see charge from random locations. The Army Man being the kind and compassionate person that he is just paid for everyone’s rooms. I’m crossing my fingers that Army Finance will reimburse us for his travel expenses.

In the end whatever brief pain we had to experience was worth it to have the Army Man home. I’m so grateful that we are together again and so are the kiddos. They hang on to him constantly and they always have to know where he is. They don’t want me to read stories to them at bedtime. Only Daddy will do. Personally I’m enjoying watching their attachment to Daddy.

As a surprise for Daddy we got a cat. He’s a calm and social fellow. And we are enjoying him immensely. On the car ride home (from picking up the Army Man) the Dude and Princess were giving Daddy hints. Princess said, “Dad we have a surprise and it has a tail!” Dude said, “Dad our surprise has whiskers!” Lucky for me the Army Man was happy about acquiring a new animal.

Bruce Wayne

We also bought a used car so we aren’t sharing a vehicle anymore! Hip, Hip Hooray!!

The new used car

That’s all my news that I’ve been trying to keep under wraps! We’re happy. We’re together. What more could we ask for?

10 thoughts on “The boys are back in town

  1. Cats and cars and Hubbies, oh my! Glad you’re back. The blogosphere (and I) have been craving your dry wit.

  2. This is a great blog honey! You forgot to tell us your cat’s name. Welcome home “fake son-in-law grin”.

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