Of updates and conincidences

Most comfortable position to sleep after surgery. Clearly.

Update: Dude is recovering very nicely from his minor outpatient procedure. He’s pretty much back to normal. I wish though that I had recorded him after he came out of his procedure. I thought for sure he would be goofy from cocktail of meds that they had pumped in him. No siree Bob! He was a SUPER GRUMP. He wanted to leave the hospital STAT! He was also prone to bursting into tears if I took more than two steps away from his bed. His behavior was so out of character that I had to laugh. Many thanks to all of you that prayed for Dude. I know it made all the difference.

Coincidence: Today I scheduled an appointment for my car to be serviced. When I told the woman on the phone my name she sputtered and said, “Is that your name? Your name is Tobi?!” I replied in a hesitant but affirmative manner. She said, “That”s my name TOO! There aren’t that many female Tobi’s out there.”

Update: As some of you may know I wrote on Facebook that Princess told me she wants a cranberry sauce cake for her birthday. Today she told me she also wants a Unicorn on top of it. Lucky for me I have a few more months to talk her her out of the cranberry sauce cake.

Coincidence: My doctor is LDS and he attends the same church building as I. ZOMG!

Update: I saw X-Men First Class and it was SUPER AWESOME! Go see it and geek out over it like me. Also we are so prepared for Father’s Day. (June 19th) Are you?

5 thoughts on “Of updates and conincidences

  1. I love how kids find the most comfort in the weirdest positions. My girl is a complete wallerer (don’t know if that is an actual word!) and will actually just hang out in positions like that.

    Glad he’s recovering nicely 🙂 Aren’t kids and anesthesia scary/funny?

    And I totally think you should find a cranberry sauce cake. How original and creative!!

  2. That boy is very cool. The princess should get the cranberrie sauce cake. We can make another one for the rest of us.

  3. I wish we could have made the picture clearer but then we would have been able to see all the sick detrius around him.
    I love cranberry sauce too.
    Maybe a cake shaped like a can of cranberry sauce in Red Velvet cake flavor? Unicorn’s come in plastic, don’t they?

  4. By the way Novel Tea Mommy, Tobi and her sister are both wallerer’s. My mantra back in the day was… Some day I will sleep without a child wallering me. I get that sleep now and it’s not all it is cracked up to be.

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