Please Pray for Dude

Dear Dude,

Your a man of few words. But our little family benefits greatly from you amazing acts of kindness and your calm nature. You are a superb drawer. I’m surprised how you can make a picture come to life just using construction paper and crayons. Lately your pictures are red white and blue with a few ninja’s sprinkled in here and there. You even folded your first paper airplane and it flies quite well!

I think you have so much to offer. I KNOW your potential is immense. I love you Dude and nothing is ever going to change that.

We’ll get through this minor outpatient procedure together and then we’ll celebrate your bithday in true Ninja style. Hiiii-yaaaa!!!

5 thoughts on “Please Pray for Dude

  1. Oh Tobi tell Dude I hope he is okay whatever is going on my thoughts and all my prayers are with you I love you all

  2. We enjoyed the weekend even though the dude is grumpy after the surgery. Great to see him on the road to surgical recovery. Sorry about the toe.

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