A busy summer is a happy summer

To celebrate the last day of school (May 27th) the kids flew kites. I don’t miss school. Not one whit! I’m going to enjoy the summer with my kiddos.

It’s only taken me seven years but I think I finally get it. We just have to stay busy if we want harmony in the household. The kids have been engaged all year with school. I can’t just say okay now watch tv and lay around the house all day. You can’t go from full throttle to zero. I’m sure this is where I’ve gone wrong in previous disaster summers.

June promises to be super busy for us. I can’t figure out why I scheduled so much for this month. I’m throwing another baby shower. The details are top secret at this time. But I promise to share afterwards. Dude is having a small outpatient surgery. Then it’s Dude 8th Birthday!! He wants a Ninja party. And why wouldn’t he? Ninja’s rule the universe!! Father’s Day, a church activity and my side of the family is having a reunion. WOOT!

July there is a dearth of events. Sometime in July is when the Army Man is supposed to make his grand entrance. Still no firm date yet. But perhaps I’ll keep July empty of events. Gives me time to recover from June and to power up for August. In which my husband’s side of the family is reunionizing as well. =) Then school starts. Ahh Summer I feel as if your already over.

How about you? What are you doing to keep busy this Summer?

3 thoughts on “A busy summer is a happy summer

  1. Wow! Princess looks so big in that picture! And can you believe our little boys are getting baptized this summer? I’m freaking out. Sounds like you have lots of fun in store.

  2. Wow, did you make the kites? Way groovy pics. We are coming to your reunion, going to Rudy’s, and taking the crew swimming. I will be the ninja with the Grandma t shirt on.

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