6 thoughts on “Wanted: Cloning Device

  1. TK,
    Take a break. Haven’t you heard that the world is coming to an end tomorrow?
    You prolly don’t care cause you’re one of those people who will be translated. For the rest of us, today’s a day to get some stuff to hide in the basement.
    I asked the female starter on my golf course what she had planned. She said, off the diet and spend the rest of the time with Blizzards and lots of chocolate…

  2. Haha! My mom has been known to explain, “I’m only one Mom” when she’s already crazy busy multi-tasking and one of my brothers starts pestering her to do one more thing right then.

    So, of course, my four-year-old brother caught on. A few weeks ago, Gabe was busy playing with something when my mom asked him to please put away his clothes. He looked up at her and said, all put out, “Um, Mom. I’m only one Gabe.”

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