(Not So) Deep Thoughts

The reason my face is hosting so many zits at present, is probably because I keep sleeping in my make-up. I’m probably old enough to know better too.

I’m growing quite the mustache. Normally you would think that make up would conceal this problem. But really it’s more like I’ve painted a neon arrow saying look at that manly ‘stache I’ve got coming in! NOT COOL DAVE. I’m an American woman. A mustache can only lead to circus performances of the Bearded Lady variety. (Big Sigh)


By now I should be used to random strangers giving my cute children money. Just last week a Sgt. Major gave my kiddos two big handfuls of change while we were checking out at the PX. Did I mention he had BIG man hands? So yeah it was a lot of change. But still it’s odd that my children hold such sway over the masses.


I had to buy Dude a bigger container for his Lego collection. It came with a giant green Lego that covers most of the bottom of the tote. Because that was what we wanted. More Lego’s. Right?

Care to share your own deep thoughts?

5 thoughts on “(Not So) Deep Thoughts

  1. Sounds like Tired Mommy Syndrome!
    I am also guilty of sleeping in my make-up. But it’s Bare Minerals, so it’s suppose to be okay as far as that goes 🙂
    If there is an Aveda Institute in your area, their lip waxes are fairly cheap. That is if you are willing to subject yourself to that : /
    And it’s awesome the power your children wield. Good thing they got you as a Momma to show them the way of Light.

  2. I have Minnie Mouse Voice or I would call you and console you my son (opps… daughter). How funny you will look with a full-on mustashio. You can imitate PePe La Pew and tickle the princess and dude. Your dad always strained his soup with his.
    Just kidding. Rip that thing out by the roots. A mustashio on a woman? Just not cool Dave.

  3. I wish a sgt major with big hands gave me money. maybe I should try standing outside our px this week to see if it works. Then again, I’ll have two kids on my hip when I do that so maybe it won’t work so well. 😉 Here’s a deep thought of mine: my strawberry bush isn’t growing like I want it too and it’s kinda making me frustrated. Who knew I’d be so attached to dirt?

  4. My deep thoughts: I put on weight in the winter for hibernation. Now that it’s spring, all that weight was supposed to be gone, but it’s not.

    I was recently gifted a pair of mandals. I’m not sure if it was a joke or not.

  5. I like this picture of you. Don’t worry about the zits and hairs. In heaven they have no cleansing cream or tweezers. We can be hairy together in the afterlife. AWESOME!

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