You give me purpose

I hope you know I wouldn’t be me without you. Perhaps I would have purpose but it wouldn’t have meaning. Perhaps I would be successful but it would be empty. Being your Mother is a privilege not a duty. Being your Mother brings me true joy. You’ve shown your Christ like attributes when you forgive me of my follies and my failings. You never judge, you always love, and you liberally apply hugs and kisses to me everyday. I want to be more like you. All of my time is consumed in trying to emulate you and worrying over you. You are my compass and my direction. If the brilliant heavens could be encompassed in two words, those words would surely be Princess and Dude.

2 thoughts on “You give me purpose

  1. You and your sisters (and brother) are my Princess and Dude. We only learn to truly love in a Christ-like way when we love our kids. I look at you and think Yea, it was tough there for a while… but look what a good thing I did!
    Hold on hard to these times because soon you’ll be looking at their little ones thinking where did the time go.

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