Cool Mom Factor

Mom and me circa 1979

10. She’s the very definition of Sassy McSasserson.

9. She hates professional sports but she loves Sumo Wrestling.

8. She loves racy jokes and she cackles like a witch when she laughs. It makes me laugh every single time!

7. She has major sewing skills and she loves making things for all of her grandchildren.

6. She’s empathic and a great listener. She knows when to dispense advise and when to just listen to me wail.

5. She is generous to a fault. Even when she doesn’t have much to give she graciously does so anyway.

4. Most of the time my Mom’s life seems like a “Series of Unfortunate Events”. But in spite of that she’s still kept her faith in the gospel. She’s built her house upon the rock.

3. She loves Fraggile Rock, Emmet Otter’s Jug Band, Star Trek and The Last Starfighter. I mean her Cool Mom Factor is to the power of TEN!!

2. She’s passed her love of books onto me. We are forever and a day on the hunt for the next addicting series.

1. She’s a wild wise woman who will always have my unswerving love and devotion!

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