It’s time to celebrate Mothers!! In particular I will be celebrating women who have had a meaningful impact on my life.

First and foremost I must celebrate this lovely lady. Her name is Marcelene Dorothy Beard Evans. She has three children. (Including my Dad.) But I have always known her as Nana.

Papa and Nana

My Nana always tells the story of how when I was just a whipper snapper, she cautioned me about the many glass objects in her home. She told me to be careful because they were breakable. Being the eldest daughter I quickly informed my younger sisters not to touch anything because it was “glass-able.” To this day we still use the word glass-able. Especially in reference to Depression Glass.

This year I finally got to attend an Antiques Glass Show with my Nana. I got to shop with her and drink in her knowledge. It’s pretty amazing to listen to someone talk about how she remembers when depression glass came in soap boxes or later when you could buy it for 10 cents. I’m in awe of this woman and how she has adapted to the many leaps in technology she has seen take place. When she and Papa were dating they sent Telegrams to each other. The Western Union boys would ride on bicycles and deliver the messages by hand. Can you imagine? Going from that to having a computer with internet access and sending e-mails?

One thing I’m sure I’ve inherited from my Nana is her glass addiction. I’m happy to admit that I ADORE blue depression glass and I ADORE my Nana.

Baroque Gravy Boat and Liner

5 thoughts on “Glass-able

  1. I love that picture of Nana and Papa. Where did you get it? I am jealous of your glassable time with Nana. The more I think about it, the more I need to be there in September!
    Happy Mother’s Day Nana.

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