A color for freedom

Paper Chain to Freedom

My children are cute. This I Know. But they haven’t quite grasped the concept of time. Everyday my precious little kiddos would ask me the same monotonous question. When is school over? In walks the wondrous paper chain. This tangible piece of time can be torn off day by day. (Current count is 32 days.)

While contemplating our freedom from school, we first had to determine what color freedom is. We decided on a rainbow of colors. Because what color could truly encompass the full scope of freedom? Thus a rainbow it must be.

And while I would like to take credit for these super pictures of my lambkins eyes. Alas I cannot. Dude and Princess took turns taking these photos. These pictures were a surprise I found on my memory card. They must have snuck the camera when I was otherwise occupado.

3 thoughts on “A color for freedom

  1. LOve the pics of the kids by the kids. Always a good thing to check teeth and look up nostrils… And you’re absolutely right about the color of freedom. When all colors come together, they make white. The absence of color is black.

  2. I love the eye pix. A Princess’ nostrils and mouth should always be photographed wide open. You can almost see that Dudes eyes are 2 colors. Except I think he was trying to look mysterious. I love that they sneek together and steal memory from your camera.

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