6 thoughts on “Too many questions

  1. The bra question made me laugh, because I had a minor bra incident in Florence and have wondered if people would be offended if I shared… so I’m anxiously awaiting all of your results 🙂

  2. I’m also in the market for a new vacuum. While most of my fb friends recommended some model of Dyson, I am choosing to trust Consumer Reports magazine, which gave the dyson bad ratings. I’ll be buying a hoover (top rated and $200 cheaper than any dyson)

  3. I have a Dyson and LOVE it. I had heard and read conflicting opinions/reviews about it, so I ended up contacting our local vacuum sale and repair shop. I wasn’t buying from them, so I don’t feel like the guy had a reason to lie to me. He told me he recommends Riccar vacuums, but that Dyson would be second.

    If $ is an issue (it was with me!) Dyson has canister models that sell for less than the uprights. I found mine at Best Buy.

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