6 thoughts on “For the Army Man

  1. Too late, I opted out of Tangled for the JR Ward book.
    Drat and bother.
    I’ll see it when I don’t work so much or something.
    I still haven’t seen a lot of Disney… Beginning since Walle

  2. I need to see me some Tangled. Everyone is raving about it and I think I should get on the ball. Anywho, Army Man IS right! They don’t make good duets anymore. But this is coming from someone who doesn’t really listen to enough music with good duets in the first place…

  3. Speaking of duets…this just popped in my head. I have the album Things That Lovers Do by Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore. Some GREAT duets (classic soul songs from the 70’s and 80’s). One of their covers ‘When I Say I Do’ we used in our wedding and renewal 🙂
    Just found out they made another duet album too:
    gospel and R&B love songs entitled Uncovered/Covered

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