Spring Break Staycation

We started off our Spring break with some major entertainment. Saturday we saw Disney on Ice at the World Arena!  IT WAS FANTASTIC!  The costumes, the dances, the make-up, and the production were all top notch! ( My favorite was Aladdin.) Even my 7 year old Dude was enthralled. And Princess was in transports of delight the whole time. Of course. And she somehow managed to swindle another parent into buying her a light up princess wand. To the tune of $22.00 each. The power she wields is downright dangerous people.

Cherokee and Princess

Sunday the power button on my cell phone bid adios to the world. I could not (and still can’t) get the cell phone to power on at all. Since I don’t have a home phone it’s imperative that I have a working cell phone. I rushed out to a buy a phone only to find out that my carrier has just been acquired by AT&T. (SIGH) But my new shiney cell phone has Swype! Take that Steve Jobs!

Monday we had a fun playdate with my friend Amanda and her cute kids.  We then proceeded to I Top It for some delicious frozen yogurt.


Dude and Princess also helped me pick out a new rice maker. (Lately everything in my household wants to be replaced. What is the deal?!) But the old rice maker had suffered 8 years of near constant abuse. I suppose it was it’s time to depart this mortal plain.

*More Spring Break Antics To Come.*

7 thoughts on “Spring Break Staycation

  1. Alas poor rice maker, I knew thee well.
    Your princess should be prohibited from that much Child Cuteness forevermore. She could charm the birds from the trees. But alas for her too.. she is too cute to resist. So we poor human slaves will toil on for her.
    WOW she looks like Sarah in that picture.

  2. Staycations are the best, and it looks like you had so much fun! I can’t believe how big Princess is getting. She’s such a pretty little girl! I can’t wait to see more of the Spring Break pictures 🙂

    Also- I love the “builder” idea! You are so sweet.

  3. Cute pics! And what a PRO parent move – getting someone else to buy the crappy product for princess. Teach me your ways, TK.

    Actually, or is that a PRO princess move. Dear future suitors of princess: you’re in trouble. Start saving money (get a job, donate organs) NOW!

  4. Sayonara cell phone and rice maker! It seems like when one thing stops working or runs out in the house, pretty much everything stops working or runs out. It’s like some kind of vibe or something.

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