Are you a builder?

I have a very talented cousin. Samantha is an outstanding graphic designer, photographer, stay at home mom, etc. (In my humble opinion.) She wrote an inspiring post about building up women. Here are two passages that really struck a chord with me.

“Why can’t we be builders?  Why can’t we raise each other up to higher levels? Why can’t we try, one block at a time, to surround other women with the kind of positive feelings that would exponentially increase their happiness?”

” ….We’ve got to set aside judgment and remember that we haven’t worn the moccasins that other women wear. We do not know the sorrows and heartaches, trials and troubles that others have faced. Instead let’s search for sympathy and empathy. Let’s agree to look closely at the lives of other women to understand their needs and then try to meet them in some way.”

I’m as guilty as the next woman of being judgmental. I am unduly harsh on myself and on others. I know what I’m doing is completely unproductive and yet I continue to be critical.

But, I have these amazing women in my church. They volunteered to help me with the Relief Society birthday dinner. I am so grateful to them for volunteering their time and energy. I thought, beyond a simple thank you how can I express my awe at their willingness to serve? How can I be a builder?

Which leads me to this charming idea.

Free Printable By Dragonfly Designs (My Brilliant Cousin Samantha)

I bought the buckets at Target. I picked up the cookies at Subway. I printed the “builder tags” at home. It only took me a few minutes to put these together. But I believe hope it made a difference. Please join me as I spend the rest of the year finding small ways to serve and to build up my fellow womankind.

3 thoughts on “Are you a builder?

  1. Oh my goodness honey, you have been so busy. I am glad you got your volunteers a reward.
    I am a builder and I built 3 darling daughters into the best ones around. I will try harder to build for you.
    You are a great woman, and a great builder too. I always love you.

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