Cannon Beach, Oregon

Last year I was strolling on Cannon Beach when I saw this beautiful house. I noticed a man taking a snooze as the waves softly soothed him. It was beyond picturesque. Can you imaging the slow luxurious pace of this vacation? You fall asleep watching the ocean waves from the beautifully landscaped back yard. *Sigh*

Today I feel the call of the beach. It’s whispering waves are enticing me to it’s sandy shores. ‘TK, come play and relax with us. You will melt on our lounge chairs and bask in our warm climes. Your children love the backyard beach too. Come for Spring Break TK.’

What’s your dream vacation? Where are you headed for Spring Break?

3 thoughts on “Enticing

  1. I have always always wanted to go to Hawaii. The streets are not coated with ice like it is here today. And tropical doesn’t appeal to me if it is above 75 degrees. Sand, seas, flowers.

  2. Oh my word. That would be heaven… And our spring break is road trippin a thousand miles+ cross country! I think once we get to VA, that will be like a dream vacay to me.

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